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The photos and names of the original GHS Team who participated in the 1998 - 2000 frauds and follow up frauds, going throuugh the motions to create legal barriers to securing justice, are now off their site.  But we copied everything. It was possible for employees on the technical side to remain ignorant of some events when the theft and fraud was taking place. But for legal officers and those handling the finances this was not possible.   At the time GHS was a small company, its management limited to a handful of individuals.  

The ugly fact is, when there is money to be made even normally ethical people will ignore the evidence and believe what is convenient.  

The Green Hills Team

Dan O'Dowd -  who schemed with Senior Vice President, Craig Franklin to defraud Craig's wife in exchange for Craig's assistance in defrauding his partner, Glenn Hightower. Dan and his wife, Amy Chang have profited hugely from their machinations.   Amy owns an equal share of the company, which is about 97% of the stock. 

Site Bio -  founded Green Hills Software in 1982 (ignores the existence of Glenn Hightower, it was all him, him, him.  Dan's driving ambition is to have more money than Bill Gates, who he thinks is stupid compared to him.) and has been its President and Chief Executive Officer since its inception. Before founding Green Hills Software, Mr. O'Dowd was manager of compiler and operating system development at National Semiconductor. He joined National Semiconductor in 1978 to design the architecture for the NS32000 32-bit microprocessor. From 1976 to 1978, he worked at APh Technological Consulting developing some of the first embedded development tools for microprocessors. They were used for developing the first hand held electronic games for Mattel and Mattel's line of home video games. Mr. O'Dowd received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the California Institute of Technology in 1976.

ZOOM Info on Glenn Hightower

October 06, 1985|RUTH RYON | Times Staff Writer

Craig Franklin - Senior Vice President of Advanced Products - the sexual pervert whose fantasies focused on incest. He married Melinda to get sexual access to her three daughters but wanted her son Arthur dead.  Today Craig has his own separate business in which Green Hills in invested and served on the Board, Firefly CPU LLC

He is living in the Laguna Beach area and continuing his attempts to get women to have babies, hopefully baby girls.  

 Site Bio -  joined Green Hills Software in 1986. He came from Microtec Research where he had been Vice President of Engineering and managed the development of Microtec's XRAY embedded development tools. He had previously been compiler development manager at Daisy Systems, Data General and Digital Research Corporation. Mr. Franklin was a software developer for the Apollo moon-landing project at North American Rockwell. Mr. Franklin received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Stanford University in 1966.

David Chandler - Senior Vice President of Sales - who went along with defrauding GHS venture capitalist and partner, Glenn Hightower, thus, I was told, received extra stock.  

Site Bio -  joined Green Hills Software in 1993. Mr. Chandler has over 16 years of experience in direct sales and sales management of technical software and hardware products. From 1987 to 1992, he was a Regional Sales Manager at Avalon Computer Systems, a company affiliated with Green Hills Software. From 1984 to 1987, Mr. Chandler worked in direct sales at Oasys, a distributor of Green Hills Software's products whose operations have since been merged into Green Hills Software. In 1984, Mr. Chandler received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the State University of New York, Brockport College.

David Kleidermacher - Chief Technology Office - who was there and also knows what happened, and profited. 

Site Bio - joined Green Hills Software in 1991. Mr. Kleidermacher started out as a software engineer working on Green Hills optimizing compiler technology and the MULTI integrated development environment. Over the years, Mr. Kleidermacher has contributed major innovations and product successes and, with CEO Dan O'Dowd, was awarded US Patent #5,859,963 for his work on the MULTI Profiler. In 1998, Mr. Kleidermacher took on responsibility for the INTEGRITY real-time operating system. Mr. Kleidermacher has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Cornell University.

Christopher Smith - Vice President of Marketing - who was there, knows what happened and profited.  

Site Bio - joined Green Hills Software in 1998. Mr. Smith has 20 years experience in engineering, sales and marketing of embedded and real-time systems and software. In 1994, he joined Intermetrics Microsystems Software, Inc. (IMSI) of Cambridge, MA, to establish a European operation and fulfilled a sales and marketing role. IMSI was purchased by BSO/Tasking in 1996. From 1985 to 1994, Mr. Smith worked for a UK-based distributor of development and computer aided engineering software tools, ARS Microsystems Ltd. In 1989, he became Vice President of Sales and a board member. Mr. Smith was educated in the United Kingdom and has a background in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 

Jeffrey Hazarian - Chief Financial Officer joined in 2004 following several CFOs who left after short periods of time.  A CFO has access to the books and should know what happened previously in a corporation. 

Site Bio - joined Green Hills Software in 2004. Mr. Hazarian is responsible for finance, accounting, tax, and administrative operations. Before assuming his position at Green Hills Software, Hazarian spent 19 years at Tenera, Inc., a publicly held software and services provider, where he served on the Board of Directors and held various executive positions, including Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary. His accomplishments include the development of effective compliant accounting and business process systems that also lowered overhead costs. Hazarian is a member of the California Bar and holds a law degree from the University of California Hastings College of the Law and a BS degree in Business Administration, Accounting Option, from California State University at Hayward. 

Jack Douglas - Vice Chairman - They needed someone who looked normal.  But how normal is Jack?  On a trajectory which promised major success why did he leave and move over to Green Hills, first as a consultant and then to assume a title? Inquiring minds want to know what kind of legal advice he provided to Green Hills from 1998 on. 

He works remotely from Massachusetts and has some colorful incidents in his past.  The Ethics of a Drone Contractor - Green Hills Software, Inc.
The Ethics of a Drone Contractor - Green Hills Software, Inc. - See more at:

Site Bio - joined Green Hills Software in 2003, after having worked with the company in a consulting capacity since 1998. Mr. Douglas was Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. from 1999 to 2003. Previously, he was Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Apple Computer where he played a key role in restoring Apple to financial health. From 1986 to 1997 Mr. Douglas held senior executive positions at Reebok International Ltd, helping Reebok grow to over $3 billion in revenue, and ending as Executive Vice President responsible for Legal, Human Resources, and Public Affairs. Mr. Douglas received his law degree, from Harvard Law School in 1978, and an BA in Economics, from Colgate University in 1975.

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