Greed Line Tours

As the economy melts down to nothing individuals and communities are looking for enterprises which would be at one time clean and bring in dollars to their local economy. 

In 2012 I had an idea which would allow activists for causes kill two birds with one stone. 

Provide Tours of Companies and Corporations which are responsible for the many problems we face.  Roll by their places of business, peer in the windows, have your picture taken on the front steps, or sidewalk when they get huffy. 

Tour guides could provide cardboard figures of the Green Hills Team to provide a personal touch.   Local eateries could also advertise.  "Yes!  Green Hills Management & Employees Eat Here!"

This use of Drone companies could change the direction of the economy for local areas this way.  There are several thousand of them. 

Just as an example let's consider how a Greedville Tour of the original Greedville Company, Green Hills Software, Inc., could help small local businesses just be being a destination where people can go and gawk and someplace which is coining money in some part for their role in killing people in various areas around the world.

Tour Buses and Bikes and Walking Tours 

Bus Tours would make it possible for the elderly and handicapped to participate.  There are lots of those today. 

Those healthy enough to use a bike can rent at several locations in Santa Barbara.  

At the bottom we provide some suggested advertising to be distributed to local hotels and provided online in appropriate locations.  

The Delights of Santa Barbara while being Socially Responsible and Proactive

Green Hills is indicated by the small Gold Star 
at the corner of Chapala and Sola.



 In keeping with the whole tenor   of the     
 enterprise here is a cardboard cut out of Drone Man Dan to greet our tourists!

Yes, and think of the other opportunities.  You can sell blow up toys shaped like drones along with tee-shirts and mugs.   

As we watch the  industry for drones and UAVs expand into non-violent, benign applications we should not forget the origins of the money made, funded by tax-payers who objected to the use of military drones on civilian populations as murder.

The suggested route for the Tour should include other businesses, along with restaurants.

Visit these establishments and share your new business with them!

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